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May 26, 2022



“Making life worth living!”

One small sentence. With a meaning deeper than the pacific. What makes life worth living? Each and every person would give a different answer. But one thing that would be similar would be the absolute necessity for contentment and happiness for however long they live.

We are talking about YouthPLUS today. And if I were to describe it briefly, I would say that it has a transformative effect which will at the end of the day result in contentment and happiness.

This isn’t a sales pitch per say. This is a completely transparent analysis of this supplement. Everything will be cited for you to double check. I’ll lay it all out in front of you and you can decide for your own.

First, I’ll explain briefly some of the most important processes in the body to maintain health.


You might have heard that a proper diet is a solution to our health-related problems, have you ever wondered how that happens?

Well, the bulky bites of food that we devour are broken down by the digestive system into absorbable compounds that enter the blood. These components are then metabolized by the body into energy, in the form of ATP, and smaller substances that are building blocks of the cellular components.

These help the body carry out myriad processes ranging from cellular functions at a microscopic level to the functions of the body at a macroscopic level.

You can control the food that you consume but you must be concerned about what happens to the food inside the body.

Well YouthPLUS can help you with that. It not only aids the body in digesting the food that is consumed. It also promotes the utilization of nutrients by enhancing the body’s metabolism.

The energy and chemicals generated as a consequence of metabolism help the cells to carry out adequate functions and maintain their health.

Our bodies are often exposed to offending agents and nature has bestowed upon us the ability to deal with this stumbling block.

The immune system is composed of cells and chemicals that activate various processes to help the body deal with these agents. This ability of the body to fight off infections is essential for survival and health.

However, proper functioning of this system requires nutrition and energy. A healthy immune system can keep us safe from the debilitating diseases that afflict us as we age.


It cannot be overstated how important mental health really is.
A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body. The two-way relationship between body and mind is phenomenal. A healthy body will keep the mind healthy. This is understandable. But that a healthy mind can have an influence on the body; this concept may be surprising.

The wellbeing of our mental faculties govern our outlook on life. If we can uplift them and improve our mood, alter our behavior, and promote mental relaxation then that can have a transformative effect. A relaxed mind, in turn, can indulge in productive tasks and provide the necessary motivation to actively make an effort to make our lives happier. And don’t be surprised if the first thing on the list is to keep ourselves healthy.

The cell is a microscopic entity but what it does has manifestations at the level of the body. This mere unit has importance way more than its size. Therefore, cells need to be protected at all costs.

All the effects of digestion, metabolism, and immune function manifest their effectiveness at the level of the cell. And these functions collectively can either promote healing and prevent aging, or they can do the opposite. The key is to control these functions and make their impacts entirely positive. That is what YouthPLUS is all about.

Cells are exposed to stress, in the form of oxidative metabolites generated as a result of metabolism. Additionally, they wear out from everyday toil. The damage incurred is repaired. If the damage is beyond the healing capacity then the cell dies and is replaced by newer, healthier ones.

This ability of the cells to regenerate is very important. It not only helps in survival but also contributes to the growth and development of the body. This is the gateway to youth restoration. This is what YouthPLUS aims to correct.


I have explained to you the importance of healthy metabolism, digestion, immune function, and mental well-being. I have made claims that YouthPlus can help you in each of these departments. But How?

Let’s delve into it and see what it contains;

Pumpkin Seed Powder
This ingredient of YouthPLUS is truly amazing in its effects.
One of the most important effects that it has is on sexual health. It improves sexual stimulation and ejaculation latency.¹ It has also been shown to have beneficial effects in treating male infertility in animal models.²
It has also been shown to improve glycemic control in diabetics.³
Moreover, a significant decreased risk of breast cancer has been reported due to usage of pumpkin seeds.⁴

These are small pieces of a long list of effects that pumpkin seeds have on the body. And one thing that is common to all of them, is preventing the onset of problems that we usually face in old age. So it can potentially keep us healthy if consumed in proper amounts even into our 70s and 80s.

Scriptures have linked pumpkin consumption to “Jonna’’s” age reversal, and modern science seems to quite agree.

Pomegranate Fruit Powder
This ingredient is known for relieving and preventing chronic inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is one of the most insidious destructive processes that cause aging to come about.
Pomegranate powder has been shown to reduce the atherosclerotic changes in the body that occur with aging. This can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and many other ailments that befall us in our later age.⁵

Years back when “blue pill” was first introduced, pomegranate growers in Turkey and Iran protested that senfandel claims pale compared to those of promegrantes. Better yet this miracle fruit has all benefits with no side effects.

Holy Basil Leaf Powder
Now this is something that is used in the Indian sub-continent very widely. It is known as tulsi in that region. It has been shown to improve the metabolism of various pathways in the body. It also has been reported to have an immune-modulatory effect on the body. This would prevent a variety of diseases. Some studies have also reported its anti-diabetic effects.⁶

Most importantly however, none have reported any serious adverse effects. Basil has been reported by scriptures as heavenly food as well. Modern medicine is still catching up to the seemingly never ending benifits of this herb.

Ginger root powder
This substance has a known anti-oxidant effect. So it removes or detoxifies any free radicals in the body which could otherwise cause harm and injury at the cellular level. This makes it extremely important for youth restoration. Ginger is very much a staple in every holistic, traditional, or old medicine practitioner meds cabinet.

It also causes induction of apoptosis which is the programmed cell death. Therefore, it induces the body to get rid of its old and non-functional cells to make way for newer ones.⁷

Turmeric Root Extract
This extract has properties similar to ginger root. Through its anti-oxidant and apoptosis induction, it relieves the body of chronic inflammation and promotes youth restoration. It also has been reported to have cardio-protective, hepato-protective, and anti-cancer properties.

It also helps the body’s metabolism by improving detoxification of harmful substances. This was shown by increased levels of detoxifying enzymes in turmeric-fed rats in an experiment compared to the controls. ⁸

Medium Chain Triglycerides
These fatty molecules are what we can call the good fat. Consumption of MCTs has been shown to improve weight loss and thus prevent obesity related diseases. This effect occurs through induction of reduced energy intake although no effect on appetite reduction has been observed. ⁹

MCT oil has also been shown to boost energy, mental clarity, and some research went as far as reporting noticeable effect on reversing Alzheimer’s.


To sum it up, we at liveyounger believe in promoting a healthy and youthful life. A good nutrition with fast metabolism, strong immunity, mental peace and the ability to self-heal are the keys to youth restoration.

YouthPLUS with its beneficial effects in these aspects and its impact on age reversal is a perfect addition in promoting a youthful life.

In our pursuit to decode the eternal goal of good happy life, we spare no effort in our commitment to not leaving any stone unturned.




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